What is ManEx

“The Human Nautilus”

  • Have you been exercising but just aren’t getting the results you desire?
  • Have you been doing exercise for pain relief, but haven’t noticed an improvement in your symptoms?
  • Do you constantly find it difficult to perform the exercises with proper technique?

I’ve spent my last 10 years working and training in gyms on the Upper West Side of Manhattan and seen the mistakes trainers and their clients make. I have realized that no machine can be as sensitive and accurate in its resistance as the human hand. this led me to create the The ManEx Method℠.

The ManEx Method℠ (short for Manual Exercise) uses resistance from the therapist’s hands instead of weights to strengthen weak muscles. One hand provides resistance while the other hand is on the muscles and provides cues to make sure that only the right muscle gets engaged. With a skilled The ManEx Method℠ practicioner, you can strengthen any muscle in the body with no need for gyms or equipment (besides a few elastic bands and a yoga mat). The ManEx Method will ensure proper technique 100% of the time. Nicknamed “The Human Nautilus”, Dmitry will help you recreate any exercise and get faster results, without ever leaving your home!

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Dmitry R. Choklin

Cell: (917) 328-8098
Fax: (866) 282-1162
Email: dchoklin@yahoo.com

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