At L.I.C. Strong, we seek to provide you the best physical therapy Manhattan has to offer. Our goal is to decrease your pain, improve your function, and help you improve at the things you love to do!

We offer physical therapy and sports training services in your home. Appointments are set up to your convenience. While most of our physical therapists work in New York City, we also have sessions available in the Hamptons during peak season.

We treat patients of all ages, and have treated patients ages 7 up to 101. Here are some of our specialty programs that are the most popular.

Get Rid of Pain

Our physical therapist will help you identify the cause of your pain, then give you hands on treatment and exercises to correct it. Our goal is to get rid of pain for good, not just manage it and keep you coming forever!

Weight Loss, Fitness, and Sports

In addition to pain relief, physical therapists are body and movement specialists. Our doctorate degrees and experience in the sports field have made us the best qualified to help you gain muscle, burn fat, or improve your sports performance.

Musician Rehab Program

If you’re a musician, we consider you an athlete. Your body is your livelihood. We have worked with scores of musicians, from amateur to professional, on healing their aches and pains to keep their minds on their performance and off their pain.

New Mother Pain Relief and Fitness

Nothing takes a toll on your body like carrying and delivering a human being into the world. The childbirth process typically causes tears in core and pelvic floor muscles that are critical to pain free function. The CityMom program can help regain your muscles and also burn off that last bit of baby fat.

Senior Strengthening and Pain Relief

Getting around the city can be a challenge for our older patients. Navigating crowded streets and buses requires good strength and balance. Our goal is to keep you strong so you can get around and enjoy time with your loved ones, and especially prevent falls. Our unique Balance Training program will help you feel safe and secure anywhere you go.

Kids Sports and Fitness

Help your child become the athlete they’ve dreamed of. Our CityKids Program teaches kids good exercise habits that will last them a lifetime. We will also work with your child on improving their performance in the sport of their choice, whether just for fun or to earn a scholarship from a top program.

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