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Having been raised by a mother who worked, studied, and still found the strength to take care of her son, I have a fond appreciation for the difficulty of being a mother in Manhattan. Even in the child friendly areas like the Upper West Side, mommies and future mommies cannot avoid the carrying, rocking, bending, and lifting (especially to pick up toy after toy after toy…). Unfortunately, pregnancy creates weaknesses and instabilities in core strength and posture that can eventually lead to severe pain. To make matters worse, childbirth causes large tears in either pelvic floor (natural delivery) or abdominal core (C-Section) that can cause weakness.

Our CityMom Strength program takes our experienced pre and post natal healthcare professionals and helps our Mommy patients get back to their pre-pregnancy strength and functional levels as quickly as possible. We will start lightly with simple body weight and ManEx Method exercises and slowly progress you until you are easily able to achieve all the physical tasks that you desire, whether running marathons or just having strength and energy to chase after your beloved little ones.

Contact us today to see how our CityMom Strength program can help you get back to full strength after childbirth!

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