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Hip Labrum Tears

Ow, my hip! Labral tears can be a painful malady that may limit your favorite activities. While it usually has no one identifiable cause, studies indicate that by avoiding repeated twisting and strain, and by keeping your muscles loose and strong, you can help to prevent hip labral tears from occurring in the first place!


Get Rid of Mid Back Pain

Dmitry R. Choklin, PT, DPT, CSCS, CKTP Midback pain has become a very common malady in America as we spend more time sitting than any point in human history. Although there are many causes of midback pain, the most common version is a chronic, nagging tightness of the muscles surrounding the spine. Poor posture is


Heal Rotator Cuff Pain

Does your shoulder ache whenever you move it above your head or behind your back? If so, you may have torn your rotator cuff. This small band of tendons can tear either in one big accident, or gradually wear down over time. Postural awareness and gradual painfree strengthening will be the key to getting your


Heal Neck Pain By Learning Good Posture

Forward head posture is a condition that occurs when your head and neck are too far in front of your body. This condition occurs as a result of tight and/or weak muscles, and poor postural habits. In addition to looking bad, forward head posture can lead to painful muscles, headaches, and even pinched nerves. However,

Spine showing scoliosis

Correct Scoliosis By Improving Posture

Scoliosis is defined as a sideways curvature of the spine. It is found in both children and adults, and increases in incidence in the geriatric population. Scoliosis may, bit does not necessarily have to cause pain in the patient. Although most cases are mild and do not cause pain, core stabilization exercises and postural awareness


Relieving Plantar Fasciitis Pain

Plantar fasciitis, one of the most common causes of foot and heel pain, is a painful burning feeling in the sole of the foot or in the heel that occurs with walking, usually upon first steps and standing for a long period of time. This malady is a result of the weakening of the plantar


How to Cure Hip Impingement Pain

Femoroacetabular Impingement Syndrome, or hip impingement, is a condition that occurs when the ball and socket of the hip joint do not properly align. As a result, they grind into each other instead of glide, which can cause pain, decreased range of motion, and wearing down of the joint. However, by strengthening the muscles of


Curing de Quervain’s Syndrome Thumb Pain

The Malady:  de Quervain’s Syndrome Summary: de Quervain’s Syndrome is an inflammation of the tendons attached to the thumb. While the cause is often unknown, there is often a correlation between this syndrome and repetitive motions of the thumb and hand. This causes pain and swelling around the joint of the thumb and wrist bones.

Get Rid of Back Spasms

Summary: Although we have spent our whole lives breathing, sometimes we may be using the wrong muscles to breathe. If you are struggling with back spasms, proper breathing technique can help relax your muscles. Expanding your ribs and breathing with your diaphragm can help get rid of the spasms and improve your core strength so


How to Cure Headaches

A Cervicogenic headache is a type of migraine that is caused by an issue in the neck. This can be caused by either tight muscles or joints that pinch on a nerve and shoot a signal into the head. The best ways to combat these powerful headaches are to be mindful of your posture and

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